Naturex dévoile des huiles végétales d'une pureté exceptionnelle pour d'ultimes rituels de beauté


Avignon, 18th October 2013 - Expert in natural ingredients, Naturex is launching NAT oleis™, a range of botanical oils of exceptional purity, selected from around the globe for their outstanding benefits. These beauty oils are backed by the highest guarantees in terms of quality, sourcing, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility.


To meet the growing cosmetics trend, Naturex is expanding its portfolio to include botanical oils. Already an expert in cranberry and apricot oils, Naturex has secured a global sourcing and pushed the boundaries of innovation. NAT oleis™ is a range of 13 botanical oils whose sensorial profiles and efficacy rhyme with ethics and responsibility.


Creating positive value chains through sustainable sourcing

Naturex is committed to delivering high quality botanical oils through the presence of its agronomic experts who work closely with our local growers, implementing strict control processes and careful documentation to ensure high traceability of crops. “We have developed strong partnerships in order to preserve and encourage biodiversity and guarantee fair wages to local populations through their own organizations,” said Personal Care business unit director Stéphanie Puel.

To formalize its commitment, Naturex will be donating 1% of the sales generated by its NAT oleis™ range back to the planet and communities where the botanical oils are sourced. “Choosing an oil from our range isn’t just a purchasing decision, it’s also a real contribution to the environment and local populations,” said Puel. The funds collected could, for instance, help to buy new presses in isolated villages in Africa or replant trees in the Amazon rainforest.

From soil to oil: full traceability and guarantee at each stage

Naturex oils have all undergone a strict and rigorous cold-press process for extracting the oil from the kernel or the fruit. This eco-friendly method does not involve the use of organic solvents and preserves the actives. The group is also able to offer several organic references thanks to the COSMOS certification of its Avignon site (France).

In order to preserve the properties of these oils and improve the shelf life of the most sensitive ones, Naturex has also developed a set of very innovative and natural antioxidant solutions that provide at least twice as much protection from oxidation. For instance, this proprietary process shows exceptional results for Tsubaki oil, whose resistance to oxidation is multiplied by 29.

Distinctive profiles for a full array of beauty benefits

Naturex has conducted several clinical studies to demonstrate the efficacy of certain oils. Each botanical oil has a unique composition in fatty acids (monounsaturated and essential) and unsaponifiable compounds and offers different benefits for hair and skin care. For example, the richness in oleic acid of Ungurahui oil makes it the perfect ingredient for repairing dry skin and hair. Naturex also offers a unique cold-pressed Cranberry oil. The proprietary process used to extract the oil allows it to maintain its high content in tocotrienols, antioxidants that are particularly beneficial to mature skin.

The diverse properties and benefits of the full portfolio can be discovered at


About Naturex:

Naturex is the global leader in specialty plant-based natural ingredients.

Through its dedicated business units, the Group addresses the specific needs of 3 strategic markets: Food & Beverage, Nutrition & Health, and Personal Care. The company offers its customers a full array of high quality ingredients, responsibly sourced from nature for food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic applications.

Naturex’s head office is Avignon, France. The company employs more than 1,400 people and benefits from 8 sourcing offices around the world and high-performance manufacturing operations across 15 sites in Europe, Morocco, the United States, Brazil, Australia, and India. It also has a global commercial presence through a dedicated network of sales offices in more than 20 countries.


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