Aurealis ™ l'actif hydratant de Naturex, obtient des résultats scientifiques remarquables


New York, 28th June 2011 - During the HBA show Naturex unveils the results from its latest study conducted on its moisturizing active, Aurealis™.


Aurealis™ is an extract of bitter orange flowers (Citrus aurantium L.), which is cultivated throughout the Mediterranean. Due to its specific profile, it helps the skin to maintain the balance of water diffusion/evaporation and enhance water retention via limited losses.


At a macro level

In the Extra Cellular Matrix, glycoaminoglycans are the main carriers in the hydration process. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is the most important of the compounds known as glycoaminoglycans (GAG), which helps to regulate skin moisturizing thanks to its excellent water-retention properties. Unfortunately during the ageing process HA content, decreases which causes the skin to be unable to retain moisture.  


Exciting results

The latest ex-vivo study from Naturex, reveals the amazing enhancement properties of Aurealis™. It appears that Aurealis™ significantly increases the epidermis thickness by 82%. This barrier is therefore reinforced to protect the body against daily exposure to dry air, cleaning products, extreme temperatures and other environmental factors.

The main factors of the hydration process (GAG and HA) are significantly improved:

-          the Aurealis™ compounds stimulate the production of GAG in the basal layer by 183%.

-          the production of HA is increased by 33% in the epidermis.


Backed by scientific data, Aurealis™ is a high potential ingredient that is ideal for skin care preparations, due to its formidable ability to stimulate all layers of the epidermis. Thanks to its incredible and unique composition Aurealis™ is the perfect active for all moisturizing creams.


About Naturex:

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